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Dec 22, 2017

ARKRAY continues to build up the Chinese diabetes market

- New Release of Antsense Duo Glucose Analyzer -

ARKRAY Marketing Shanghai, Inc. (hereafter, 'ARKRAY') started selling the glucose analyzerAntsense Duo , manufactured and distributed by HORIBA, Ltd. (headquarters: Kyoto, Japan), in China from November 1st, 2017. ARKRAY introduced the product to the Chinese market as a manufacturer that specializes in the diabetes field. Antsense Duo is a fully automated glucose analyzer that employs a GOD-hydrogen peroxide electrode method and reliably provides the patient with highly accurate data.

China is a 'diabetes nation' with many diabetes patients. Currently, the number of patients stands at 150 million following a rapid increase and further increases are expected to follow. In recent years patients and medical facilities have raised the standards for their expectations and, equally for medical devices, there is greater demand for products of high precision and quality. As a manufacturer that specializes in the diabetes field, ARKRAY assumes responsibility to provide products of high precision and quality to our customers.
Thanks to its compact design, Antsense Duo is a portable device allowing for measurement at any time and any place. Furthermore, measurement data of greater accuracy is achieved with the unique cartridge, which enables the separation of red blood cells and plasma from small volume blood samples.


     Glucose analyzer Antsense Duo



Product Features

• Compact design
Antsense Duo benefits from the convenience and advantage of portability that BGM products offer while maintaining high precision performance that can be found in large-sized fully automated glucose analyzers.

• Simple operation
Measurement can be conducted with both peripheral blood and venous blood, without the need for processing whole blood.

• High precision
The product can be used for diabetes testing without the influence of interference substances in the blood.
Rapid and highly precise measurement is performed with simple operation.

< Overview of Antsense Duo glucose analyzer >

Name: Antsense Duo glucose analyzer
Release date Nov 1, 2017
Meas. subject Fingertip capillary whole blood, venous whole blood from arm, serum, plasma
Meas. items Glucose concentration in blood
Meas. principle Enzyme membrane electrode method
(GOD-hydrogen peroxide electrode method)
Meas. range 0.6-55.5mmol/L
Sample volume 5-20μL
Processing speed 45 sec/test
Power consumption Battery for main unit: NiMH DC 7.2V,14.4W
AC 100V-240V,47-63Hz,0.85A MAX
Outer dimensions 205(W)×125(D)×55(H)mm
Weight 750g (approximate)
Classification Class II

※Device and reagent manufacturer: HORIBA, Ltd.
This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing Shanghai, Inc.
ARKRAY Marketing Shanghai, Inc. is ARKRAY's distributor in China.

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