ARKRAY's Materiality

ARKRAY has specified five key issues based on the SDGs Basic Policy in order to contribute to the resolution of social issues and sustainable development through business activities.
We set mid-term goals for each key issue and contribute to SDGs through specific actions.

Mid-term goals

Materiality Mid-term Activity Theme
Activity Indicator

Contributing to healthy society through healthcare business Creation of products with new values and improvement of accessibility issues to healthcare

Promotion of environmentally friendly design and development
  1. 1, Promotion of product development conforming to ARKRAY environmental design criteria including environmental regulations
  2. 2, Promotion of reduction of use and recycling for containers and packaging materials used for products (including plastic materials)
  1. 1, 100% achievement of conformance ratio for newly developed products
  2. 2, 10% reduction of subject products
Supply chain

Promotion of sustainable procurement Realization of sustainable procurement considering environment, ethics, human rights, etc.

Creation of pleasant working environment by focusing on diversity Fostering of organizational culture.

Implementation of social contribution activities Implementation of sustainable social contribution activities that meet characteristics of the local community.
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