Dry Clinical Chemistry Analyzer

The SPOTCHEM D-Concept was developed to change the face of POCT. This instrument comprises all the functions demanded from the market and allows customization according to functions: a first for a POCT instrument. With units installed on top of one another, it takes up very little space too.

  • SPOTCHEM D-00 QR SD-9811
     Operation Control Unit
     - Instructions for measurement
     - Test result confirmation
     - Printing of test results
  • SPOTCHEM D-01 SD-3810
     Immunoassay Unit
     - Measurement parameters
     - 2 samples loaded simultaneously
     - Minimum sample volume : 50µl
  • SPOTCHEM D-02 SD-4810
     Dry Chemistry and Electrolyte Unit
     - Measurement parameters
     22 biochemistry items and electrolyte (Na, K, CL)
  • SPOTCHEM D-03 SD-4820
     Dry Chemistry
     - Measurement parameters
     22 biochemistry items

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