SDGs Basic Policy

Through executing the ARKRAY Group Mission "Contribute to the health and well-being of people all over the world through the advancement of science and the discovery of new technologies.", ARKRAY Group is committed to contribute to the solution of social issues and the sustainable development of society.

SDGs Activity Policies

  • By providing new diagnostic technologies and tests, we contribute to solving problems in the healthcare setting and improving people's healthy lives and QOL (quality of life).
  • We take measures against preserving global environment by engaging business-related environmental conservation activities such as resource saving, energy conservation, and prevention of environmental pollution.
  • Through sound and fair business practices, we strive to become a company that develops trust relationships with stakeholders and leads the way in the mutual growth and development.
  • By respecting characteristics of each individual and creating a comfortable work environment, we aim to foster human resources who can carry on our founding spirit of "challenge".
  • As a member of the community and society, we respect each culture and custom from a global perspective and conduct social contribution activities.
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