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Dec 05, 2015

Release of Latest Instrument Models for the Measurement of Blood Glucose and HbA1c
- Contributing to Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of Diabetes Testing -

ARKRAY, Inc. will release the Glucose Analyzer ADAMS Glucose GA-1172 and Glycohemoglobin Analyzer ADAMS A1c HA-8182 on 17 December (Thu). These are the latest models in the series of instruments for the measurement of the diabetes test items glucose (blood sugar) and HbA1c (hemoglobin A1c)*1, and they shall contribute to improved accuracy and operational efficiency of diabetes testing.

Currently, the global diabetes population has risen to approximately 415 million people and it is expected that the population will grow to 642 million by 2040.*2 In Japan, the number of diabetes patients has risen to 7.2 million people (ranking 9th worldwide) and in this situation the early detection and treatment of diabetes is absolutely essential.

The ADAMS Glucose GA-1172 and ADAMS A1c HA-8182, to be released by ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter, "ARKRAY"), are the latest models in the series of instruments for the measurement of blood glucose and HbA1c. By using the basic functionality of our ADAMS series as a foundation, which allows for highly accurate and fast measurement of blood glucose and HbA1c, we have added a reagent control function that ensures traceability, alongside a new operator control function. Through this, we are able to further respond to our customers' needs. Furthermore, a correction function*3 has been added to ADAMS A1c HA-8182, which automatically calculates an HbA1c reference value for samples with elevated levels of HbF, since HbA1c measurements are typically affected adversely by HbF.

ARKRAY will continue to develop products that address a wide range of needs to support those at the frontline of diabetes treatment.

It is possible to connect the ADAMS A1c HA-8182 and ADAMS Glucose GA-1172 together using a conveyor system (ADAMS Bridge) to measure blood glucose and HbA1c at the same time. (First measurement result: Approx. 3 mins. When conducting continuous measurements, the results of the second sample onwards are provided every 38 seconds.)

*The ADAMS A1c HA-8182 has been jointly developed with Sekisui Medical, Inc.

Main Features

•Measurement Possible With Whole Blood

Possible to measure both blood glucose and HbA1c with whole blood samples. There is no need for sample treatment such as centrifugation, reducing the amount of pre-measurement preparation and work time.

•High Accuracy Measurement

Blood glucose using the GOD / Hydrogen peroxide electrode method*4 and HbA1c is measured with the HPLC method*5, providing highly accurate measurement results.

•Reagent Information Code

By reading the barcode listed on the reagent, it is possible to carry out effective reagent management using the lot number and expiry date.

•Operator Control Function

By registering an operator ID in advance, it is possible to display the name of the instrument operator on printed measurement results and keep a record of all operators who use the instrument.

•Automatic HbA1c Correction Function for Samples with Elevated HbF Levels

Possible to print an HbA1c reference value for samples with elevated levels of HbF. (This function only applies to ADAMS A1c HA-8182.)

•Dedicated rack for blood samples with anemia

By using the dedicated anemia rack for blood samples with anemia, the degree of dilution is automatically adjusted, enabling simpler measurement of samples at an appropriate concentration of hemoglobin.


*1 HbA1c (hemoglobin A1c)
HbA1c is formed when hemoglobin within red blood cells combines with glucose. Since it reflects the average blood glucose concentration in the last one to two months, it is considered an essential test item for glycemic control in a wide range of areas, ranging from the diagnosis to treatment of diabetes.

*2 Estimated number of diabetic patients
[Source] International Diabetes Federation. IDF Diabetes Atlas, 7th edn. Brussels, Belgium:International Diabetes Federation, 2015

*3 Automatic correction for elevated HbF (hemoglobin F)
HbF is one type of normal hemoglobin, similar to HbA (hemoglobin A), and it makes up the majority of hemoglobin in the embryonic stage. After birth, the composition of HbF falls accordingly with an increase of HbA and, after approximately 6 months to 1 year after birth the HbF level makes up approximately 1% of total hemoglobin in the body.
In samples that have elevated levels of HbF, there is a trend in which the HbA1c measurement is adversely affected by the HbF, resulting in a lower measurement result than the actual HbA1c value. Through the application of an automatic correction to measurements, it is possible to obtain measurement results that are closer to the actual HbA1c value. (Results are calculated as reference values)

*4 GOD / Hydrogen peroxide electrode method
When blood glucose reacts with the enzyme GOD (Glucose Oxidase), hydrogen peroxide in produced. When this is then detected by an electrode, we can measure the blood glucose concentration.

*5 HPLC method (High-performance Liquid Chromatography method)
HPLC method is a method to separate various components in a mixture and calculate the ratio of each material. It can also measure HbA1c with a high degree of accuracy. ARKRAY developed the world's first dedicated HbA1c analyzer using HPLC back in 1981, which is still widely used in medical facilities today.

Product Overview: ADAMS Glucose GA-1172 and ADAMS A1c HA-8182

Name ADAMS Glucose GA-1172 ADAMS A1c HA-8182
Release Date 17 December, 2015 (Thu)
   Meas. target Whole blood, serum, plasma, urine Whole blood or hemolysates
   Meas. items Glucose HbA1c, HbF
   Meas. principle Amperometric method (immobilized enzyme membrane & hydrogen peroxide electrode)HPLC method
   Sample volume Approx. 30 µLApprox. 14 µL
   Processing Speed Approx. 23 sec / sampleApprox. 38 sec / sample
   Sample Amount Sample tube: 1mL or more
Sample cup: 150µL
Urinalysis tube: 2mL
Sample tube: 1mL or more
Sample cup: 500µL
   Power consumption 180VA 300VA
   External dimensions W530 × D450 × H530 mm W530 × D530 × H530 mm
   Weight 1)Main unit: Approx 31 kg
2)Sampler unit: Approx. 4 kg
1)Main unit: Approx. 38 kg
2)Sampler unit: Approx. 4 kg
Medical Device Applic. No. 25B1X00001000051 25B1X00001000052
Classification Class I (general medical devices) / Specific Maintenance Medical Device

This product will be sold through ARKRAY Marketing, Inc. (ARKRAY, Inc.'s distributor in Japan).
This product is only available in Japan and is not sold in other countries.

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