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Jul 17, 2018

Responding to Increasing Demand amidst Medical Advancements and Developing Infrastructure in Russia

New Production of Urine Analyzers
at the Russian Factory

ARKRAY, Inc. has expanded its Russian factory, "ARKRAY Ltd.", and has commenced production of urine analyzers. Shipments will begin on July 17, 2018. By rapidly supplying products to Russia and its neighboring CIS nations, we will respond to anticipated increases in demand and market needs.

ARKRAY, Inc. (hereafter 'ARKRAY') has expanded its Russian factory ARKRAY Ltd. and has newly commenced production of urine analyzers. Shipments will begin on July 17, 2018.

"ARKRAY Ltd." was established as an R&D and manufacturing facility in the city of Dubna in the Moscow region of Russia and was put into operation in June of 2013. Currently, ARKRAY Ltd. is undertaking the development and manufacture of blood glucose meters and dedicated sensors for diabetes patients and urine test reagents (diagnostics) for medical facilities in Russia and its neighboring CIS nations. By commencing the production of urine analyzers, we will be able to ship them to Russia and the CIS nations along with the above products. In the past, it was necessary to expend time importing urine analyzers from abroad, but by switching over to local production, quick provision will now be possible. Production will begin from small automatic urine analyzers, but there are plans to commence production of large instruments as well.

Russia is experiencing advances in medicine and a developing infrastructure, and its medical market's demand for instruments and reagents is expected to grow. ARKRAY will continue to plan for the enhancement of domestic Russian production, and strive to expand the production of items and ensure their prompt supply in Russia and its neighboring countries, thereby contributing to the advancement of Russia's medical care.

Overview of ARKRAY Ltd.

Company name ARKRAY Ltd. (OOO "АРКРЭЙ")
Address 4, Programmistov St., Dubna, Moscow Region 141983, RUSSIA
Phone: +7-499-703-34-92 fax: +7-496-219-10-14
Business description The development and production of self-monitoring blood glucose meters and sensors, urine analyzers (new production item), reagents, etc.
Shipment start July 17, 2018
Scale 989㎡ (Expanded area 150㎡)
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